NDANA – Policy Chair

By | January 1, 2024


  • 1 year (March – March)


  • Suggested two years clean time 
  • Previous experience as a Policy subcommittee member
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the Twelve Steps and Traditions of NA 
  • Has the willingness, time and resources to serve


  • Gives verbal and written report at ASC and if unable to attend the ASC sends someone – preferably a committee member – to the ASC with one 
  • Advises ASC participants on NDANA policy 
  • The Policy committee will convene at 3pm before ASC each month. Anyone wishing to discuss possible motions for submission to the ASC are invited to attend this meeting or if any GSRs or GSR Alt.’s or others wanting to learn more about ASC policy or procedures are also invited to attend these meetings 
  • Receives “New Business” motions from ASC participants during the ASC meeting and reviews them for clarity and affected Policy 
  • The NDANA Policy Committee funds may also be used to hold policy workshops