By | November 1, 2023


  • 1 year (January – January)


  • Suggested three years clean time 
  • Experience as RCM Alternate or GSR
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the Twelve Steps and Traditions of NA 
  • Has the willingness, time and resources to serve


  • Gives written and verbal report at ASC
  • Attends Central Atlantic Regional Service Conferences (CARSC)
  • Updates meeting list information with CARSC
  • Makes report on RSC motions, votes, and activities and communicates them with the ASC
  • Takes NDANA contribution to the CARSC if NDANA Treasure doesn’t mail it directly to region
  • Keeps ASC informed of activities going on in other areas in the Central Atlantic Region, and informs the RSC of activities in NDANA 
  • Helps RCM Alternate get acquainted with duties and responsibilities of the position