NDANA – Public Relations Chair

By | July 21, 2023


  • 1 year (September – September)


  • Suggested two years clean time 
  • Previous experience as a Public Relations (PR) subcommittee member
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the Twelve Steps and Traditions of NA 
  • Has the willingness, time and resources to serve


  • Gives verbal and written report at ASC and if unable to attend ASC sends someone – preferably a committee member – to ASC with one 
  • Organizes, sets time, and leads committee meetings 
  • Becomes knowledgeable of procedures and policies outlined in PR Handbook published by WSO 
  • Prints copies of Unified meeting lists 
  • Shares phone line costs with Richmond and Tri-Cities areas 
  • Makes PR mailings to areas of interest in the community 
  • Gathers updated meeting information to put on Unified Meeting Lists
  • Puts on phone line learning day/orientation 
  • Oversees Annual NA Poster Day 
  • Oversees the management of the PR committee budget 
  • Has key to NDANA PO Box and checks monthly 
  • Is responsible for submitting bills for PO Box, website and phone line to be paid by treasurer 
  • Maintains NDANA web site 
  • Reports total number of home groups and meetings in area to RCM at the beginning of each month ASC