NDANA – Vice Chair

By | September 1, 2023


  • 1 year (November – November)


  • Suggested two years clean time 
  • At least one year of ASC experience 
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Twelve Steps and Traditions of NA 
  • Has the willingness, time and resources to serve


  • Submits written and verbal report at ASC 
  • Accepts duties of Chairperson in his/her absence 
  • Monitors status of NDANA subcommittees by either attending committee meetings and/or talking to committee chairs 
  • Fills in for NDANA Treasurer in case of their absence at ASC 
  • Takes over – temporarily – Chairmanship of committees that lack Chairpersons and may fill in for NDANA ASC Treasurer or Secretary 
  • Reviews the on-line checking account monthly 
  • Is authorized to sign checks per the dual signature policy 
  • Responsible for keeping keys to storage facility along with Campout Chair and Special Events Chair